Embracing Failure: How to Fail Efficiently and Quickly So You Can Speed Up Ultimate Success

This book is intended for entrepreneurs who waste precious time kicking around a half-baked idea afraid to test it. These are individuals who still have not gotten into business.

This book is also dedicated to entrepreneurs who hang on to half-dead projects. They’ve already implemented the idea, but it did not pan out as expected. They implemented it because of emotional reasons and guess what, they’re hanging onto it for purely emotional reasons as well. They’re hanging on to this project that continues to burn a hole through their pocket for entirely sentimental reasons.

This book is also intended for business folks who are clueless regarding the signs of true business viability. These are individuals who mistake signs of business comatose with signs of business viability. It’s no surprise that their business tracks sideways instead of spiking up like a rocket.

Finally, this book is dedicated to future winners. These are individuals who are looking to make a clean break with white elephant projects or projects that seem to gnaw or cling to them. This book helps them helps these individuals map out a clear road to a better future.

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